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  • fragDNA Launch Date
    Posted by admin 1000fraggers June 3, 2015


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    fragDNA Launch Date for Beta Testing Coming Soon.

    There is a rumour going around the gaming community that 1000fraggers is changing or should we say evolving, Well the rumours are true, yes we are evolving!! After trying hard to keep things hush hush, we are now pleased to announce the fragDNA Social Hub for Gamers will be going Live very soon. We will be closing down and re-launching with a new brand name including logo and a spanking new website soley intended for eSports and Multiplayer Gamers.

    The fragDNA website will offer subscribers' the same functionality as before but we've had massive and long overdue overhaul. With the new streamlined and faster Activity Feed and User Interface, major enhancements to User Profiles and the Clanbase, we have optimised everything to bring you an even faster user experience.

    When do we launch? We recon about 2-3 weeks to finish the coding. 1 week for Beta Testing and final tweaks. Members will be able to login using their existing details and all user content including photos, video and friendships etc will be ported over from 1000fraggers.

    So gamer, it's time to start working on your profile banners and avatars for your new home and clan pages and we look forward to seeing you there.