• 1KF swap shop

    Game Platform: Multi Platform
    35 members led by Wookie
    swap,sell or buy games,consoles,rigs or accessories

    1000fraggers take no responsibility for any transaction
  • War Against Giraffes

    Game Platform: Multi Platform
    25 members led by Wookie
    Anything or anyone any clan that resembles or impersonates a giraffe shoot them
  • Agents of Hate

    Game Platform: Multi Platform
    15 members led by opasx
    Agents of Hate PodCast FLAN-CLAN!
  • 13th M.E.U (PC, PS3, 360)

    Game Platform: Multi Platform
    9 members led by projekt3000
    We are a multi-platform based clan that has members worldwide. We're currently recruiting for BO2, BF3, MoH, and Battlefield Play4Free.

    Must be at least 14 years of age with a working microphone and a cooperative attitude. We embrace the manta of Honor, ...  more
  • Untouchable Nation

    Game Platform: Multi Platform
    8 members led by UntouchableNation
    Untouchable Nation is a community for gamers of all ages that spans all platforms. If there is a game with a online multiplayer feature, we want a presence in that community and game.

    Untouchable Nation is a sponsored group of mature, energetic, enthu...  more
  • FPS101

    Game Platform: Multi Platform
    8 members led by DiGi
    Fps101 is a gaming community playing all sorts of FPS games. All ages & skill levels are welcome to come join our website and/or play on any of our gameservers!

    Website: http://fps101.com
  • .ext Gaming Community

    Game Platform: Multi Platform
    8 members led by piwanha
    Welcome to the .ext Gaming Community!

    ♦ Extension Gaming is based on the idea that gaming is our hobby and outside of gaming we are real people with real lives. We game to de-stress, not to add more stress.

    ♦...  more
  • Inevitable Reapers

    Game Platform: Multi Platform
    5 members led by ronnyhenri
    We are a Call of Duty PC, PS3 and XBOX clan.
  • Combat Applications Group (CAG)

    Game Platform: Multi Platform
    4 members led by layserman2
    A friendly community with over 250 members!

    Dedicated family on all major systems!

    Find us here at cagclan.com!
  • FullMetal

    Game Platform: Multi Platform
    4 members led by TheLoneHitman
    Hardcore Veterans of the Gaming world join here. Achievement hunters, completionist, Pros and casual gamers need only to apply. are you ready to take the gaming world by storm. no. too bad.